Home - Little Joe Malaysia- little joe car freshener ,Little Joe® is a lifestyle air freshener. It was created to be a fun animated 3D character. A clip enables the scented Little Joe® character to be fitted into any A/C air vent to release its fragrance uniformly into your car for long-lasting freshness.Little Joe Car Air Fresheners | Kleen-RiteLittle Joe Auto Air Fresheners. Kleen-Rite is proud to present Little Joe Air fresheners! This 3D little air freshener is the newest addition to all things that smell good for your vending machine! With its different colors and happy face, these little guys are hard to resist! There are 12 available fragrances, perfect variety for your customers.

Little Joe Leather Scented Car Air Freshener (Available in ...

Little Joe Leather Scented Car Air Freshener - Anti Tobacco The smell of freshly oiled leather is unmistakable and recalls memories of the wild west, horses and good times. The Little Joe Leather fragrance wraps notes of freshly oiled leather into a delightful car air freshener.


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